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#IfikieWazazi: Kenyans expose youngsters behaving badly on social media

Kenyans online have launched a campaign to publicly shame youngsters who post nasty pictures on social media.

The aim is to share the nasty pictures widely enough on social media until they reach to the parents, guardians or relatives of the offending youngsters.

Kenyan teenagers have routinely used pseudo accounts to enjoy anonymity on social media platforms, where they post and share pictures and videos of themselves, most of which they would rather not reach their parents.


The #IfikieWazazi campaign started on Wednesday and has already attracted a huge opposition from the youngsters.

It started from a video on Twitter of a girl who dissed critics who bash young women who post semi-nude pictures of themselves on the internet.

The unidentified girl tells “haters to mind their business” and let youngsters exercise their freedom.

“ Like you boys have very stupid aims though, if I decide to show off my body, like it is mine, I will show it off till the day I die. And if you don’t like it b***h die first,” said the girl.

The video quickly went viral under the hashtag #ifikiewazazi and soon turned into a campaign to expose pictures of young boys and girls behaving badly.

Here is a sample of the reactions on Twitter.