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IG Koome reprimands police officer who was recorded threatening motorist

The Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has reprimanded a police officer who was captured in a viral video clip harassing and threatening a motorist while armed and appearing drunk.

Koome, in an official statement on Saturday, condemned the officer’s conduct saying it goes against the police code of practice.

The IG said that the National Police Service (NPS) will not condone such acts henceforth.

“We regret the incident and reiterate that the behaviour exhibited by the said officer does not reflect the core values of NPS, more so during this reform period where we are focused on, and commitment to fostering and promoting good police-community relations, as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya,” Koome said.

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“As a service, we are gravely concerned by, and strongly condemns, the misconduct displayed by the Officer. It should be clear that NPS shall not condone or protect any officer found engaging in abuse of his/her powers and/or privileges, or any other action that can bring disrepute to the image of the Police,” Koome said.

The IG also said the officer in question had already been identified and would have appropriate action taken immediately after the probe.

In the short video clip, the officer is seen threatening the motorist who was transporting charcoal. The officer claimed that the driver had flouted traffic rules. But the motorist defends himself while seeking to solve the issue amicably with the officer.

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The officer wanted the motorist to disembark from the vehicle and accompany him to the station. The motorist however declined. As the scuffle ensued, the law enforcer, who was wearing sandals, whipped out a pistol and threatened to shoot the truck’s tyres.

The driver could be heard in the clip pleading with the officer, but his plea fell on deaf ears.

Cases of wayward police officers harassing members of the public are not new in the country.

Last October, NPS also condemned an incident in which traffic police officers were seen chasing an errant driver in a dramatic pursuit.

The NTSA-branded car was captured in the tense video, unsuccessfully attempting to block a saloon car on the road.

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According to the NPS, all motorists, road users, and police officers are expected to be rational on the road.

“We acknowledge that the essence of road safety is to promote sanity and responsibility whilst on public roads, and this is a basic expectation placed on all motorists and road users, police included,” NPS tweeted then.

The NPS added that the matter was being investigated and that appropriate corrective action will be taken.

“As we continue to review the incident for corrective action, we condemn the irresponsible behaviour,” the NPS added.

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