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IG Koome: We will use our guns when our lives are in danger

By Winnie Onyando December 16th, 2022 2 min read

The Inspector General of the National Police Service Japhet Koome has told police officers to use their guns for self defense when their lives are in danger.

The IG said police officers should not be afraid to use their weapons to defend themselves under such circumstances.

“We are not afraid. Police officers have guns and they should not allow anyone to harm them. They need to use the guns to defend themselves,” said IG Koome.

“You have our full support. If you use your gun for the right purpose like defending yourself, protecting the people and their property then we will fully be supportive of you,” he added.

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On the other hand, the police boss warned officers against misusing their guns.

“A firearm is not pen, we have taught our officers how to use their guns,” Koome said.

He also warned those who break the law that police officers have a mandate to protect the people and their property.

“We are going to discharge our mandate as written in the constitution of this country, no one will intimidate us,” he said.

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Speaking after being sworn-in as the Inspector General in early November, Koome said police are justified to use their firearm when their lives or any other person’s life is in danger, adding that police officers know when to use their firearms.

“There are five instances in the Police Act, when the police officer or any other person’s life is in danger, the police officer is justified to use the firearm,” he said back then.

“When protecting lives or property, if there is imminent danger or threat, the police can use a firearm. In the case of self-defense or defense of another life, they are allowed to use a firearm,” he added.

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