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IG Mutyambai fires stern warning at police officers who disregard dress code

By Amina Wako August 9th, 2020 1 min read

Police officers have been warned against disregarding the dress code of the service. In a letter from the office of Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai dated August 4, 2020 and titled ‘Dress Code Regulations’, all officers have also been asked to observe high etiquette, especially on social media.

The IG pointed out that disregard of the dress code violates regulations as provided under Chapter 31 of the Service Standing Orders (SSO).

“Police uniforms should not be worn with any visible article of civilian clothing, articles or anything that is not police uniform. Mixing of uniform will not be allowed,” Mutyambai said in the letter.

He also cautioned officers against uploading videos on social media while dancing or uttering obscene words while in police uniform.


“This has negatively impacted on the morals and good conduct expected in the service and must be brought under control,” the IG said.

Female police officers have also been asked to put up hairstyles that do not exceed the collar of their blouses or shirts and must not interfere with wearing official headgear.

“Make-ups should be discreet and only natural and clear nail polish may be used. Male officers will always have short and well-kept hair.

Mutyambai further directed police bosses to ensure compliance of these guidelines by officers under their command.