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“IG ni kwangu,” KRG the Don tells Edgar Obare

Kenyan rapper KRG the Don is in a celebratory mood after popular blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram account was deactivated.

The rapper took to his Instagram stories to openly express how pleased he is to see Obare’s tea page, BNN Africa shut down.

The father of four shared a photo of Obare with his face all swollen up (from back when he had sea food allergies), which he captioned: “IG ni kwangu wewe kaa uko Telegram hadi end of time 😂😂😂😂😂 #Vibare kibao sana…. Ni #Bughaaa Aloooo.”

The blogger, however, is yet to respond to KRG’s attack.

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This is Edgar’s third account to get a strike then shut down by Instagram on grounds of policy violation. This is also not the first time that KRG and Obare are having online an online feud. Just a few months ago, his account was shut down and KRG aka Bughaa took credit for it saying he had pulled some strings to make that happen.

In a past interview, when asked about his beef with the tea master, KRG said that he did not quite approve of Obare’s ways of making a living as a man, and even went as far as questioning his manhood due to his desire to spill tea about people’s lives.

“Sina kitu yoyote kuhusu huyo mtu. Ule mtu ni mama tu. Ni vile tu havaangi skirt. Edgar Obare wewe ni mama kabisa! Na mimi nitakununulia kitenge, maanake ile Ksh 5 million nilikupatia ulikata kuchukua, uliogopa,” KRG said back then.

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The rapper further stated that men who gossip should be made for dresses as the personality traits they portray are woman-like.

Instagram suspended Edgar Obare’s blogging account, BNN Africa after an explicit advert he ran on the platform a few days ago. The advert was announcing a new adult-content subscription platform he is set to launch.

The popular ‘Tea Master’ said Instagram deactivated his account with over 149,000 followers over claims that he violated Community Guidelines on ‘human exploitation’.

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