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Iko shida! Kakamega MCA Sylvia Muteshi dumps ‘jumpy’ lover, angrily burns his clothes

A Kakamega politician has been filmed burning what she said was her ex-boyfriend’s clothes in a move she says will help her move on from the heartbreak of the relationship.

In a clip seen by Nairobi News, Silvia Muteshi, a member of county assembly in Kakamega (MCA) is seen burning the clothes while supposedly addressing the cameraperson.

“I did not take that video. Please look for the person who took the video and let them answer your question,” she said, with a touch of anger, when contacted by Nairobi News.

Incidentally, the said ex-boyfriend is a prominent politician in the region.

The three minute-clip begins with the woman, donning a coloured dress, arriving at the scene where she will burn the clothes.

“I am doing this to end this nonsense,” she says, before gesturing and saying ‘please move here’ to the cameraperson.

Ms Muteshi then starts removing the clothes from the bag as she lifts the lid on how challenging her love life has been even before she met the politician.

She says: “Someone got me from my home even if my husband had left me, I maintained my home I never went to someone to ask him to buy me land or build me a home.”

She then accuses his former lover of infidelity.

“Those prostitutes asking for land let him go and get it for them. I will not stomach a man who is jumpy.
I do not have her kid so there is nowhere a kid will tell me ‘mum why did you chase away daddy?’ It (the relationship) was just friendship. That is why I am burning this property to show that I am ending everything. I do not want to forgive him. I had even bought him some clothes but I am burning them all. Let no one come and tell me this and that. I am not interested. I am starting my life afresh. Now he can stay with his wives If he wants to add ten woman from today he is free to do so. I will not ask him anything.”

Nairobi News unsuccessfully tried to reach out to the politician’s lover for a comment.

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