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Iko Shida! Why Reuben Kigame has called for a nationwide fast

Renowned gospel musician and 2022 presidential aspirant, Reuben Kigame, called on all Kenyans to participate in a national solemn fast on May 10, 2023, to save the country from God’s wrath.

In his statement on May 8, 2023, Mr Kigame said the happenings in the country and especially in the church were a cause for concern,

“I don’t think we have fully understood how far we have fallen as a nation and particularly as the Kenyan Church! I don’t think we understand what the wrath of God looks like against the things that have gone on in our country in the name of God, Christ, the Church, the Bible, the Gospel, Christian broadcasting, and Christian ministries!” said Mr Kigame in part.

He explained that the reason for calling for a solemn fast was so that people can use meal times to pray. That every time someone thought of taking a meal, they would think about God and ask Him for his mercy and forgiveness, something he considers more important to the nation that food.

He went on to list his reasons for calling for a national solemn fast so that Kenya would not go down in the way other fallen nations have.

His first reason was that innocent people have been killed in the name of God as well as “normalized” blood shedding as seen with bodies constantly pulled from River Yala, the murder of election officials in order to win in election, the Shakahola forest massacre where a pastor encouraged congregants to starve themselves to death in order to meet Jesus as well as pastors who encourage parents to pull children out of schools and deny them medical care.

“Religious organizations tasked with vigilance so that this does not occur must repent for failing God, the Church, the country, the continent, the Government, and, most importantly, for failing to protect individuals and families that call upon the name of the Lord. Government officers in charge of regulating broadcasts, social gatherings, and our security, should repent for letting the country down,” added Mr Kigame.

His second reason for calling for the fast is the phenomena of the church being used to divide the nation along political lines.

“In the name of Revival, prophecy, God’s will and prayer meetings, Christian leaders have divided men and women who previously worshipped together, sang together, prayed together, gathered in Saturday and Sunday services, midweek prayer meetings or even Friday Keshas. Now they cannot, because of our religious leaders. Pastors and bishops need to repent for taking political sides. They need to repent for defiling Church pulpits by inviting politicians to insult one another and political positions taken by others. They need to repent for turning the Church into money laundering dens, places to rob congregants of money and property. Pastors, apostles, priests, bishops, etc should repent,” added Mr Kigame.

His final reason for calling for the solemn fast was the rampant corruption being witnessed in the country.

“As a nation we have become so corrupt that we call good evil and evil good. We have become so tribal and ethnic that it does not bother us anymore. We feel nothing saying we are Christians and tribal at the same time. We feel nothing about saying we are Christians and exploiting the poor. We feel nothing about the dishonesty in our electoral process, borrowing money on behalf of Kenyans and then complaining about the debt burden. We cheat to get jobs and we steal from the poor even medicines and services intended to preserve life. We are guilty,” said Mr Kigame.

He invited Kenyans to participate in the national solemn fast on May 10, 2023, from 6am to 6pm.

“This should be a day of resolving to do what is right, apprehending what is wrong, correcting what can be corrected, overhauling whatever can be overhauled, taking responsibility again, undoing anything we can undo to make things right. On this day, honestly speaking, if you realize you have failed the Church or nation that the only reasonable thing to do is to resign, please do so.” said Mr Kigame.

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