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Iko shida! Zari Hassan’s hubby Shakib Lutaya leaves South Africa

Speculation and concern surround the relationship of Zari Hassan, the Ugandan socialite, and her younger husband, Shakib Lutaya.

The first hint of trouble came when both Zari and Shakib took the drastic step of deleting each other’s photos from their respective Instagram accounts, sparking rumors of tension within their marriage.

Adding fuel to the fire, Zari was recently spotted socializing with her ex-partner and father of her children, Diamond Platnumz, on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

Diamond, in a seemingly innocent caption, referred to Zari as his sister in a video shared online, further raising eyebrows among their followers.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced online showing Shakib in the company of a female DJ, identified as DJ Alisha, prompting speculation about the nature of their relationship.

DJ Alisha later clarified that the leaked video was old, dating back to “many years ago,” but the damage was done, igniting a storm of rumors about the state of Zari’s marriage.

Amidst the swirling controversy, Shakib was captured in yet another video, this time packing his belongings, suggesting a possible departure from their shared residence.

Reports indicate that he has returned to Uganda from South Africa, where he had been residing with Zari, although the timeline of the video remains unclear.

While there has been no official statement from Shakib regarding the situation, speculation continues to mount, fueled by comments from online sources.

Blogger Edgar Obare shared the video, prompting a range of reactions from concerned fans.

Some expressed disappointment in Shakib’s actions, while others speculated that the couple’s relationship woes might be fabricated for their Netflix show, “Young Famous and African.”

Among the comments, user milcahdee criticized Shakib for his alleged behavior, while just_namuki suggested that the couple’s troubles might be part of a scripted storyline.

On the other hand, user derroll7n seemed to express support for Shakib’s rumored decision to walk away from the relationship.

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