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Ilikuwa jokes? Nameless reacts to vasectomy reports

Famed artist David Mathenge, widely known by his stage name Nameless, has refuted reports indicating he’s undergone a vasectomy procedure.

In a candid post, he emphasized his remarks were meant as a light hearted joke.

Nameless expressed surprise at the extent of the misunderstanding, even mentioning that his own mother contacted him to inquire about the decision.

Nameless reaffirmed he is currently contemplating the idea of undergoing a vasectomy but has not taken any concrete steps towards it.

He clarified that his initial comments were not meant to be taken seriously and expressed amusement at the level of concern they generated.

The musician further stated he is done having children and is considering the vasectomy as a means of family planning.

The father of three also assured his fans and loved ones that he is not yet “seedless.”

In a recent interview with Vincent Mboya, Nameless alleged he had undergone a vasectomy to ensure they do not have any more children.

“We are done. I have gone through a vasectomy. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am working out,” Nameless confidently shared.

Wahu, in a previous interview, had also stated that they were done having babies.

She had always wished to have three children and finally felt the sense of completeness with their family.

“I used to hear people and other women say, ‘I am done,’ and I used to wonder what that feeling of being done was because I never had it.

All these years, I also have friends who would say they would even remove my uterus because I am done. I was like, gosh, what is that feeling? Because I always wanted another child. I finally know that feeling of ‘I am done,’” Wahu explained.

With a sense of fulfillment, Wahu expressed her desire to undergo a permanent intervention to prevent further pregnancies.

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