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Parents questioning ‘illegal fees’, random sending away of students at city school

Parents of a Nairobi school have raised concerns over what they termed as illegal fees and sending away of students without being duly informed.

The management of Buruburu Girls High School has been accused of charging Sh10,000 Harambee fees, contrary to Ministry of Education regulations and sending the girls out of the institution without informing the parents.

This, according to the parents, is against the institution’s policy that students are always supposed to enter and leave the school while accompanied by their parents.

When Nairobi News reached the school, the institution promised to offer a statement by Thursday 6.

Nairobi News has learnt that the school had organized for a fundraiser for the construction of a Resource Center in the school that was to take place on June 8, 2019 but has since been postponed to August 2.

In a letter seen by Nairobi News parents were informed that the girl will only be allowed in school once she clears the fee.

“She is expected back in school when the fees balance is cleared at not later than 4pm. NB: The girl must be brought back to school at the indicated time,” the letter read.


A parent (whose name can’t reveal to protect his children) said that he was not at home only to receive a call from a neighbour that her daughter was at home.

“Imagine I was not aware that my daughter had been sent from school. I can’t believe that she came all the way from Nairobi to here,” said the parent.

Another parent said that he was perturbed that the students were sent home just two days to half term.

“They could have just let the students come home for half term with the letters. Not sending them away in such a manner,” said the parent, adding that the school was forcing them to pay the money against their will.

Another parent said the school always informs parents to pay school fees through text messages but that this time they opted to send the students away.

“It is risky for the girls to be sent from school in such a manner. As a parent I’m not happy about all this,” said the parent.


The parent further claimed that her daughter was stranded in the city and had to use someone’s phone to call home and inform him that she was out of school.

Nairobi News exclusively obtained a conversation in a WhatsApp group where parents raised concern asking the Ministry of Education to act on the issue.

“We got some updates from our respected chairman yesterday. Why was this not included? My daughter has had to put up at a neighbour’s house at least until we are back home in the evening. I paid all the money, including the harambee fee, when they threatened to send the students home. Midterm is two days away, what is the principal up to?” the parents said.

Another parent said that since the year started they have not seen their children’s report cards and they even don’t know how the students have been performing.

“They have not even released last term’s results and they are here sending our daughters away. This is unacceptable,” the parent said.