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I’m a pig! Peter Salasya flaunts cash after threatening magistrate’s life

By Winnie Mabel November 29th, 2023 2 min read

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Mr Peter Salasya, flaunted Sh 500,000 in cash while seated in his office in response to a court case in which he was accused of borrowing the money and failing to return it within the stipulated time.

In the video, Mr Salasya claimed his name had been dragged through the mud in relation to the said court case.

He also clarified that, while at the Court premises, he had simply said the money being claimed from him was too little and that the “stupidity” that the people at the Kakamega Law Courts wanted to do to him will not finish him politically.

Initial reports had it that he stormed out of the court room after Magistrate Gladys Kiama ordered him to pay back the money and the costs of the suit, and then threatened her life.

“They are lying everywhere that Salasya has threatened someone. Where did I do that? How much is this money? (he asked as he counted out five bundles of Sh 100,000 stacks). Come for your money in the office. That other stupid lawyer that is bothering me over here, insulting me on the internet…this is Sh 500,000. Come and get it from the office. This is money. Why are you bothering me? If you want more, I can give it to you. Stop bothering people with small matters like this. The money is here in the office. You now tell me what else you want. You have soiled my name very much on social media that I am a monkey. I don’t care. I’m even a pig. This is politics. No matter what you do- come for you money, here it is,” said Mr Salasya.

It is important that ‘pigs’ are a derogatory term used to refer to Kenyan Members of Parliament, believed to be the highest-paid politicians in the world but often change policies to further line their pockets at the expense of taxpayers. This would explain Mr Salasya’s claim that this case is politically instigated.

Earlier in court a few days ago, he had claimed he never borrowed the money from Mr Robert Lutta in December 2022, but instead, had been the one who loaned Mr Lutta Sh 1,000,000. The judge ruled that Mr Salasya never provided any supporting evidence to back up his claim, and was ruled against.

Despite denying borrowing the money, Mr Salasya now appears to have the intention of repaying the debt to Mr Lutta.

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