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I’m broke, help me! Ohangla star Atommy Sifa turns to TikTok to seek financial assistance

Tom Mboya Angaga, famously known as Atommy Sifa, a prominent figure in the Ohangla music scene, has turned to social media in a bid to overcome the financial challenges he is facing due to unforeseen circumstances.

Sifa revealed that platforms like Facebook and TikTok represent his only chance of obtaining much-needed financial support.

Recent online videos have shown the musician expressing his hardships and seeking assistance from the public.

Despite his desire to sing, Sifa lacks the necessary tools and instruments to pursue his passion. His hardships began in 2021 when he lost his musical equipment.

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In some of the videos, he expressed his frustration with politicians, claiming they have neglected him despite his efforts to compose praise songs for them during campaigns.

“Some of the people who have been appointed to offices never participated in building the popularity of the politicians. But I did and I was sidelined when jobs were being given out,” Sifa said in one of the videos.

He told Nairobi News that music is his main source of income. However, he can no longer sing because he does not have musical instruments.

This, he said, has affected his attempts to get back on his feet to continue with his music career which flopped more than three years ago.

“I have tried to put in a lot of effort to re-launch my music career but all my attempts have failed. Attempts to get help from fans and well-wishers through other means have also failed,” Sifa told Nairobi News.

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He has now turned to social media as his only hope. He said he will continue posting videos on social media until he gets attention and probably help.

Sifa reported the theft of his musical instruments back in 2021, from his village-owned club, Rock City Jungle Resort. Unfortunately, the club’s business has been affected by declining guest numbers, leading to a period of reduced activity.

The theft of musical instruments not only impacted the musician but also left 15 other members of his band without a viable source of income, forcing them to stay home.

“I want to bring back the team and perform at different events. Our only challenge is the lack of musical instruments,” Sifa added.

The musician attributes his financial struggles and inability to support his family to the damages incurred at his club.

At his residence in Adiedo, Kanyaluo ward, Homa Bay County, the musician mentioned that one of his children was supposed to start university this month.

However, due to financial constraints, he said the child will stay at home indefinitely.

“Don’t wait until I die to come and mourn me. Please help me when I am still alive,” Sifa told his fans.

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Sifa came to the national limelight when he composed a song praising former President Uhuru Kenyatta in the run up to the 2017 presidential poll.

But the move led to backlash from politicians and fans in the western Kenya region.

In 2017, Sifa composed a song titled “Uhuru Nyale” (Uhuru is able), which was released during the election campaign season. The song was met with controversy and criticism from some who perceived it as an attempt to undermine Raila Odinga, who was the leader of the National Super Alliance (Nasa) party at the time.

The backlash was so severe, Sifa says, that he received life-threatening messages, forcing him to flee to Tanzania until tensions had subsided.

But despite returning after the 2017 poll, Sifa said his career has never recovered as he continues to face accusations of attacking Odinga through his music, though he maintains that he did not mention anyone by name and has not been proven guilty of the allegations.

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Sifa embarked on his musical journey following the loss of his parents during his youth, which left him living on the streets of Homa Bay town. Despite these challenges, he found his footing by creating the well-known ‘Ohangla’ music genre, also known as Luo Benga.

“I have undergone a lot of difficulties. Despite my struggles and uplifting many people, no one has appreciated what I did for them,” he said.

While in exile, he composed a song for the late Tanzanian President John Magufuli. He was paid and decided to use the money to invest in the entertainment industry.

Despite all his tribulations, Sifa said he remains committed to pursuing his passion for music and hopes that it will continue to bring him joy and fulfillment, even as he navigates the challenges of the industry.

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