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‘I’m not moved!’ Karen Nyamu on being labelled a home wrecker

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has opened up on being labeled a home wrecker by some of her fans on social media. Nyamu who has been constantly accused of ‘ruining’ Edday Nderitu and Samidoh’s marriage, explained that she has never ‘stolen’ someone else’s husband.

Speaking during an interview on Reke Ciume na Ene, Nyamu shared that the man with whom she has sired children, the Mugithi kingpin, loves all his children and defends them.

“The home which some people claim is broken, he (Samidoh) has ensured the home is also functional and stands strong,” she explained.

Adding that even her bosses know that her only ‘issue’ is her public relationship with Samidoh, she noted that the only man she engages with is her baby daddy.

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However, while their relationship dramas have caught not only their fans but also the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua who advised Samidoh to keep his houses intact, Nyamu has revealed that the second in command is just a father figure.

“The DP is very simple and a good friend to us. He also mentors so many people and when he spoke, we saw it as a father’s advice to his children.”

While the trending and scandals are not devoid of name-calling, Nyamu explains that though some comments get to her, she has developed a thick skin towards some.

“Ever since I joined politics, there is no name I have not been called so they do not move me per se,” she said.

She explained that she did not have to seek permission to change her Instagram profile photo, but Nyamu revealed that her baby daddy has no issue with it.

“I and my co-wife cannot be on good terms, but the rest are,” she said.

She added, “My children are being brought up in this environment and there is no day I will let them feel like lesser children. There is no way my children will not be posted while others are being posted.”

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