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I’m not scared of you, Nairobi Majority MCA Imwatok tells Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino and Nairobi County Assembly Majority Leader Peter Imwatok, both of the ODM party, are at loggerheads over the next Nairobi governor candidate.

Although the two were elected in the last election on the Azimio La Umoja ticket, their differences have come to the fore and the Majority Leader has asked the MP not to intimidate him.

In a brief statement on the floor of the House, Mr Imwatok asked the vocal Embakasi East legislator to desist from political witch-hunting of Members of County Assembly (MCAs) elected on the party ticket in his quest for the Nairobi governorship seat in the 2027 General Elections.

“This goes directly to Babu Owino. Let him know that Imwatok is not worried or afraid of him. But I am not running for governor. The person who is in that seat is Johnson Arthur Sakaja. Compete with him,” Imwatok said.

The Majority Leader urged those interested in the county’s top seat to stop intimidating MCAs in their wards and allow them to deliver on their promises to residents.

He said such people should come out and declare their interests before the public and face their opponents such as Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, who has also declared interest in defending his seat.

In addition, Mr Imwatok, who represents the people of Makongeni Ward, said he was not vying for the gubernatorial seat and therefore wondered why the MP kept dragging him into such issues.

“I have told people that I am not contesting for the governorship of Nairobi. Neither is any MCA in this assembly vying for the seat. If you have a problem with Sakaja, sort it out there. Don’t target members of the county assembly, whether they are from the ODM party or any other party,” said Mr Imwatok.

He said people like Babu Owino were claiming to be interested in the governorship seat but had not called a single meeting to declare their interest.

Mr Imwatok, who is serving his third term as MCA, is said to be interested in contesting the Makadara parliamentary seat, currently held by George Aladwa, in the next election.

However, at a recent meeting organised by the Embakasi East MP in Makongeni, he urged residents to support former area MP Reuben Ndolo, who is making a strong bid for the seat in 2027.

The move by the Embakasi East MP to support Mr Ndolo for the Makadara seat is the genesis of the feud with the Majority Leader.

“I urge you to continue supporting Aladwa as your MP and also pray for him in his quest to be elected Vihiga Governor in the next election…but when the time comes, consider (Ndolo) who is here with you.

He has suffered in Nairobi for a long time and now he needs some oil to make his skin smooth,” Babu said during the meeting.

Mr Imwatok added in his statement that he was exercising his responsibility in the House to protect the Azimio MCAs and all others from political intimidation.

“If you dare any member of the County Assembly, we will be there with you. If you are a candidate, go to wananchi. Why are you afraid of MCAs when you have the people?”

He also challenged the MP to call a town hall meeting and announce his governorship bid.

“I want to challenge Babu Owino to call a meeting at Charter Hall to announce his candidature, then I will come to Embakasi East and announce that I want to be MP.”

The political feud between the two comes amid a heated debate in the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in Nairobi over the chairmanship, which has seen grassroots elections postponed twice.

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