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I’m not your ‘servant’, Museveni tells Ugandans – VIDEO

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Thursday stunned thousands of Ugandans who had gathered to listen to him when he told them that he is neither servant nor their employee.

President Museveni was speaking during celebrations to mark his 31 years in power. He emphasized that he was not a servant of Ugandans but a freedom fighter who came to liberate the country from autocratic rule.

President Museveni went on to explain that he is a fighter of his own values and not a servant of the people as some citizens have been alluding.

“I hear some people saying that I’m their servant. I’m not a servant of anybody. I am a freedom fighter, I’m not your servant. I am fighting for myself and for my beliefs. That’s how I come in. I’m not an employee,” Museveni said.