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I’m not single and I’ve not given up on love, Otile Brown’s ex-girlfriend says

Model Nabii Nabayet has said she has moved on after breaking up with singer Otile Brown.

In a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, Nabayet  disclosed that she is currently in a relationship and that she has not given up on love.

“I am not single but single life is good. My heart is okay. It hasn’t been broken recently. Things don’t always go as planned, unfortunately. No matter how many bad experiences you may have, a relationship/ love is always worth the shot. However, it doesn’t mean you must go looking for it. You must let it unfold naturally,” she said.

However she said the period she was single helped her understand more about happiness.

“It helps you learn that your happiness does not come from another person. You develop skills for self-fulfilment, contentment and happiness. You learn to be happy.”

About her experience with long-distance relationships, Nabayet said:

“I think I can write a book about it. A long-distance relationship is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. It is extremely tough but it’s certainly very possible. It requires your full trust, genuine love and more importantly clear and consistent communication. If those aren’t at 100%, don’t even bother trying it.”

Nabayet, however said that technology has made long-distance relationships easier.

“It’s very easy to grow apart and misunderstand each other when it’s long distance. But thanks to technology you can simply avoid that.”

She also said that maintaining close communication is very crucial in making a long distance relationship work.

“Be confident in your relationship and assure your partner that all will be well. Then you are good to go.”