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‘I’m Offended’ rapper released after spending the night in police custody

A Kisii-based rapper spent Monday night in police custody after he was arrested for criticizing Kisii Governor James Ongwae in a viral song titled I’m Offended.

In the song, Smallz Lethal expressed his frustrations with the Kisii county government, accusing its leadership of engaging in corruption and stalling development projects in the county.

Smallz Lethal also pokes holes at Ongwae’s administration, citing poor roads and embezzlement of money set apart for uplifting the youth.

Speaking to Nairobi News on the phone, Small Lethal revealed that he was arrested on Monday 27 and taken to Kisii Central Police Station, where he was interrogated for hours for allegedly defaming the county boss in the song.

He was allegedly asked to pull down the song from YouTube and get reimbursement for the song.

“I was told ‘mkubwa amekasirika’… In short, they wanted the video deleted from YouTube saying that they will reimburse the money used for the project,” the rapper told Nairobi News.

Smallz Lethal was to be charged with defamation, but thanks to his lawyer Sylvanus Osoro, the charges were dropped, and his video will not be brought down. He was released on Tuesday morning.