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I’m ready to present Kenya’s interest to the US, Ambassador Meg says

US Ambassador to Kenya Margaret Whitman has said that she is excited for the job to represent the US government in Kenya.

Ambassador Whitman, on Wednesday, through a video, said she will do her best to represent the interests of Kenyans to her government.

“I am excited to be the US Ambassador to Kenya and will do my best to represent the interests of the Kenyan people and the American people. Kazi ianze,” Ambassador Whitman said.

The Ambassador also said she will travel across different parts of the country to interact with the people as well as their needs and their differences.

With Kenya being among the leading countries in Africa when it comes to economy and democratic rights, the ambassador said she will do her best to uphold democracy in Africa as well.

The ambassador further said upon her appointment, US President Joe Biden told her that one in every four people in the world will be living in African continent by 2050.

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“When President Biden told me to take on this role, he said Meg do you know that by 2050 one in four people on earth will live in Africa,” she said.

She was confirmed as US ambassador to Kenya in a unanimous vote by the US Senate as the eighteenth US Ambassador to Kenya on July 14.

The ambassador has so far met with the outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta and presented her credentials to him, and also met with President-elect William Ruto.

She also led the US delegation to meet Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The US and Kenya have been enjoying close ties for years that has seen the two countries partnering in different sectors including tourism, trade, among others.

Ambassador Whitman has immense experience in leading business organizations, from start-ups to large multinational companies in Silicon Valley.