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I’m still alive, says man beaten up by police at chaotic protests

The country spent the better part of on Tuesday mourning a man who is alive and well, with no visible injuries.

Mr Boniface Manono, the victim in the video on police brutality that has made the rounds on social media, spoke out on Tuesday explaining how he got caught up in the drama.

Although he claims he was from returning from a personal engagement in Westlands when he ran into the protesters on University Way, pictures circulating on social media show him to be among the protesters.

A photos of Mr Manono that has been shared widely on social media. PHOTO | COURTESY
A photos of Mr Manono that has been shared widely on social media. PHOTO | COURTESY

The 36-year-old Manono said felt nothing of the beating that has been so widely shared on social media.

He only came to a few minutes after the officers were done, when a group of journalists roused him and helped him up.

“I was in pain but I tried to walk and made it all the way to Uhuru Park. I slept at Uhuru Park until at around 6pm when my uncle came for me, and took me to his house in Kibera. I have been in the house until a well-wisher came and took me to Coptic Hospital,” he said.

After running tests, the doctors gave him some pain killers and released him, asking him to go follow-up on Wednesday.

Mr Manono walks with a slight limp which he said was due to the beating he got.

“I have seen the clips about what the police did and it makes me feel bad. But I am alive and I am thankful,” he said.

He insists that he was not part of the demonstration saying he was only carrying his wallet and phone and not rocks as claimed.