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I’m successful: Azziad goes on rant after being ‘age-shamed’ – Viral video

By Winnie Mabel September 8th, 2022 2 min read

The drama all began with a short TikTok video that cast doubt on Kenyan TikToker Azziad Nasenya’s age.

In the clip, a woman dressed in Islamic garb captioned the video, “If Azziad is 22 then I’m 16 bbg [beautiful baby girl].”

This set off Azziad who went on a long rant despite claiming she was not the type of person to respond to negative things said about her online.

Azziad demanded to know what people’s problem with her age was even though they were just making snarky comments and videos as is often seen with many celebs ages worldwide.

“…before my birthday, I did not know I had mothers on the internet who actually gave birth to me and know the real date that I was born more than God and my family,” an angry Azziad said.

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She continued, “I’m sorry that in the generation we live in people do not believe that you can achieve such kinds of things that I have achieved at my age.

I’m I successful? A little bit…I don’t know why people believe that I can’t be so mature and so successful, courageous and level-minded at my early age. I’m sorry.

Some of us went through things that made us mature early in life and people who have a problem with this are people who either are my age mates and they’re mad because they’re not doing anything with their lives.

Or people who are way older than me so you’re mad like you can’t believe this lady is doing so much at 22…so you force me to adjust to a generation I was not born in and I’m like what’s your problem,” ranted Azziad.

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Watch her rant below.


#stitch with @arm_.fernandez_ just heal..all of you heal #azziad #morgyadrian

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She went on to rail against people who were so angry and bothered by her age, demanding that they heal and focus on their lives.

On June 16, 2022, Azziad posted photos of herself celebrating her birthday but some Kenyans were quick to claim that she was faking her age to appear younger for her fans and the sake of her online lifestyle like several Kenyan influencers do.

Some even claimed her face often changed depending on which make-up she wore, how she posed for photos or how she made facial expressions when taking the pictures.

On many occasions, people claimed she had two faces- the one highly made-up with cosmetics and her natural face that makes her appear much older.

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