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Immigrants in custody despite deportation order

Nine illegal immigrants are still held up at the Shauri Moyo Police station, a month after a court ordered for their deportation to Ethiopia.

They were arrested last month while enroute to South Africa and taken to court.

The immigrants now live in one of the cells at the police station, as police wait for Immigration Department to deport them.

A police officer stationed at the Shauri Moyo police station said the immigrants have now become a burden to the station.

“First of all, we are forced to place all the other criminals in one cell because these immigrants occupy the other. The cell is consequently congested,” the officer who does not want to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media said.

He said the station has to give them food, soap and other necessities with the money meant to run the station.

“They also fall ill constantly because of the living condition that they face and so the station has to again cater for their medication,” he said.

Buruburu OCPD Richard Kerich said the immigrants will stay at the station until the immigration department finalizes arrangement for their deportation.

“Meanwhile, we continue to feed them using the money that the government usually disburses for feeding those in the cells,” Mr Kerich.

When Nairobi News visited the station, the nine were basking behind the station. Some were playing cards, others were shaving while others washed their clothes.