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Important traffic laws every Kenyan driver must know

By HILARY KIMUYU September 10th, 2015 1 min read

Trust Kenyans on Twitter to give their two cents worth of opinion on anything and everything thrown at them.

This is what two upset motorists must have found out when they shared their experiences of being fined by traffic police officers for what they believed were ‘non-existent’ laws.

Each of the two motorists felt aggrieved for being fined Sh 5,000 each for not having mud flaps and the other for failing to sign his driving license.

On twitter they complained that the officers went too far and that they knew the charges were made up. But their sentiments failed to the empathy that they thought it should have.

What the law says on mud flaps.
What the law says on mud flaps.

First, @asmil77 began by posting a random receipt of someone who had been fined for not signing his driver’s license and asked, can one be fined for carrying an unsigned driving license?

The answers came in thick and fast although from the comments, apparently some Kenyan drivers don’t know the traffics rules well. Here are some of the answers that were given.

@Arcndege said: “Don’t be ignorant. DL signing taught at driving school. Sign be4 the boys in blue catch up with you.

@eddyireri wondered: Should one carry a copy of the traffic act once you are arrested let the cop tell you which cap & section he/she is quoting.

Peter Njoroge asked: Which section of the traffic act does mud flaps fall? To which a certain Blackhawk @mutindah posted a section of the traffic law that demands for the need for motorists to have mud flaps.