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In another life, I would be a River Road trader – Maina Kageni

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni has shared the story of how he bagged a radio gig that saw him rise to the top as one of Kenya’s greatest media personalities.

In an interview with Kamene Goro, Maina divulged that a lack of Sh40,000 for an advert opened a door of opportunity for him. He narrated that he had gone to a radio station to pay for airtime, but instead ended up bagging a bigger opportunity. 

“It was a fluke. There are friends of mine called Trevor Kanja and DJ Pinye who had brought in some DJs from the UK, and I had gone to book airtime on Capital.”

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So I had to pay for the airtime, and they said they needed Sh40, 000 for the voiceover. I didn’t have it, so I asked them if I could it myself instead and they let me,” said Maina.

He added saying: “So I did the voiceover, and they asked me if I have ever been on radio, I said no. So they asked me if I wanted to try and told me to go back after I was done hanging with the DJs.

Basically, if I had that Sh40,000 that day I would never be on radio.”

Maina added that he would probably be selling spares along River Road or a broker as he loves trading and doing business if he were not a radio presenter.

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The radio host also revealed that he made his first million at the young age of 22. 

“When I was on KISS FM the salary was really good. When I joined from Nation FM, the boss gave me a two months salary- gross to go and wean myself off Nation FM.

So I went away for two weeks and I got a couple of gigs and before I knew it, I had banked a million. I was a baby, we started so early, we started at 22. We were such children when we started,” he said. 

The breakfast show host last year left his fans short of words after he disclosed his plans to reside abroad when he retires and enjoy touring the world.

Maina, who announced that 2022 is his last year on radio, shared he wants to travel for three years without thinking of work. 

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He went on to talk about his success on radio stating that it has a lot to do with ‘understanding the role of your co-presenter’.

“In media, it’s the quality of the minutes, not the number of the hours,” he said.

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