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Increase in chicken theft in Nakuru ahead of Christmas

There has been a sharp increase in court cases related to chicken theft at the Nakuru law courts in the last few weeks.

The Nairobi News has noted the numerous cases reported to police and brought to the court, coinciding with the approaching festive season.

On Sunday, two middle aged men were charged at a Nakuru court with stealing several chicken valued at Sh 49,000.


Mr Zachariah Kimani and Mr Jesse Wataku who appeared before Magistrate Doreen Mulekyo were both accused of stealing 140 chicken between November 17 and 18 at Kiti area in Nakuru County.

The court heard that the two took the chicken from Ms Damaris Nyaguthii who is a chicken farmer in the area, promising to sell and and pay her Sh 49,000 within a month.

The two accused persons both denied the charges before court.

The prosecution told the court that it did not have all the chicken to produce as exhibits since the accused persons had sold most of them and squandered the money.

The prosecutor further requested the court to be given a week so that they would be able to produce the exhibits (chicken) in court.


The accused persons were released on a Sh 30,000 waiting for the hearing on February 15, 2016.

In the same court a 25 year old pleaded guilty to stealing 4 chicken valued at Sh 2,500 belonging to Mr Rodgers Koech.

Dominic Ochieng’ pleaded with the court to set Julius Oyugi his co-accused free as he had nothing to do with the theft.

“Julius Oyugi is my friend and does not know anything about this offence. He was just staying over at my house for the night since it was raining,” Dominic said.

The accused person is said to have stolen the chicken on December 5 in Rongai town.

The prosecution requested for more time so that they would be able to produce their evidence in court.

The accused person would remain in custody until next week December 15 when the facts will be mentioned and the court’s verdict given.