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Luck Hacks – How to increase your stakes when playing the lottery

Playing the lottery requires indulging in the game of chance with a sense you could be lucky but also with a plan. Aiming for the jackpot is everyone’s dream but you can increase your chances of winning other amazing cash prizes with the following three lottery hacks.

First, keep a lucky journal where you record all the lucky numbers you select weekly and the final winning numbers announced by the lottery.

This way, you can be able to keep track of your winning number trends and eliminate unsuccessful ones. You can eventually land on a working formula of selecting your lucky numbers.

Secondly, you should be persistent in playing your chances. If you only match two winning numbers today, try again next week with a different number combination. To the unlucky, failure is the bread and butter of his or her existence. But we all know that failure is actually a vital ingredient for success.


Every time we fail we learn something new. If you take that knowledge and use it to try again, then success is inevitable. It might not happen the second time, or the third time, but it will happen.

Thirdly, keep talking to fellow players of chance. Everyone knows what they say about birds of a feather. They flock together and in this case, they win together.

Talk to your fellow lottery players because it reduces anxiety and once in a while, one will stumble upon a tip that has been tried and tested. Lastly, the most fundamental ingredient to a lucky life is to be open minded.

A part of being lucky is finding good fortune in unexpected, so relax and take a chill pill. Luck will come to you. The key thing is to be prepared when it finally does by abiding to the first three pieces of advice I just shared.