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Indian TikToker brands Kenya as the most toxic place for content creators

A Kenyan man of Indian decent on TikTok, using the moniker @Barnupdate, said he found Kenya to be the most toxic place he has ever been when creating content for his social media. In his rant, he complained about nasty comments from Kenyans beneath videos by other content creators as well as beneath his- four months into TikToking in Kenya.

“After doing TikTok in Kenya for nearly four months, I can comfortably say this is one of the most toxic places I’ve even been because some people feel like they can comment whatever they want by hiding behind the keyboard with no consideration of our feelings or how hard we worked on our contents. Leave me, let’s take Radhika who is one of the sweetest and nicest content creators out there and I still see comments under her video that say ‘go back to India’. Just because we are brown, are we not Kenyan? Here, I’m literally holding a passport issued by the government of this country (Kenya). We’re here to stay and it’s time we get recognized as the tribe that we constitutionally have been given the rights to. I’m getting fed up now,” ranted Barnupdate.

His rant garnered over 11,700 comments as a section of Kenyans blasted him for his alleged entitled attitude. He also engaged in a war of words with commenters who especially asked him to take his biased and angry feelings to his native country but he said he won’t go as he dared people to do what they wanted against him.

He also warned those insulting them that they will have nasty disagreements with him online as some warned him that Kenyans online were renowned on the continent for being savage.

On Twitter, Kenyans have won several online wars against other countries including with Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa. KOT, as they are referred to, are known to be feared when anyone dares malign Kenya or Kenyans as they will band together and shred their opponents mercilessly. It will appear this phenomenon is also taking form on TikTok in Kenya as evidenced by Barnupdate’s rants.

Others, however, encouraged him to keep his head up and continue creating his content because “their days would be boring.”

Barnupdate has 49,300 followers and he makes social commentaries on the happenings in Kenya including political moves, the cash crunch being experienced in the country and other trending lifestyle and entertainment stories.

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