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Shocking: This is how Indonesian police interrogate suspects – VIDEO

Indonesian police have been forced to apologise following the emergence of a video clip showing officers using a live snake to torture a terrified suspect in a bid to force a confession.

The police initially attempted to justify their actions by saying the snake was not venomous and that they hadn’t resorted to beating the man, who was suspected of theft.

Video of the alleged incident shows the suspect yelling as a snake coiled around his body is pushed towards his face by an officer.

At one point, an officer appears to try and shove the dark brown snake into the mouth of the increasingly hysterical suspect, who is handcuffed and writhing on the floor.

A voice is also heard telling the man to open his eyes and threatening to put the reptile in his mouth and inside his trousers.


“How many times have you stolen mobile phones?” an officer asks.

“Only two times,” the suspect eventually responds.

According to local reports, the man’s ordeal took place in the eastern Indonesian region of Papua, which borders Papua New Guinea and is home to a simmering separatist movement.

A human rights lawyer, Veronica Koman, who shared the video and has been documenting government abuses in the West Papua region of Indonesia, claimed the use of a snake is just one of the ways police and military personnel terrorize Papuan detainees as part of a racist campaign against indigenous citizens.

“A shocking video showing Indonesian police using a snake to interrogate a suspected thief has sparked outrage. But the torture method is nothing new in the country’s restive Papua province,” a tweet of Koman as translated by AP.