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The nightmare of industrial invasion in Dagoretti North

For many residents of Manyatta and Mutuini in Dagoretti North, fresh air and peaceful nights have become a thing of the past.

The area is a health disaster waiting to happen. Clouds of dust, smoke and chemical fumes are what the resident is breathing every single day.

At night the residents have had to contend with deafening noise from the machines running throughout the night.

This follows an invasion of residential spaces in the area by manufacturing industries.

Seven companies – Baran Company Limited, Dechem Limited, Murban Movers, Shyam General Merchants, Esteel Construction Limited, Elasfoury Company Limited and Prabhucom Truckers Limited – have taken up spaces in these residential areas.


According to the residents, the factories have been releasing toxic fumes into the air during the night. Residents suspect it could be manufacturing petroleum products.

“Every morning we wake up to foul smell which hits you as soon as you open your door,” one area resident lamented.

They have to re-wash their clothes if left out overnight to dry because of the smoke emitted at night.

In South B, four children were admitted in hospital as a result of inhaling toxic gas emitted by the factories.


The gas is causing respiratory illness to the resident of Nairobi’s South B.

Area residents claim that the gas has a smell similar to burning tyres or teargas which irritates the nose and throat.

According to the resident, the factories emit the toxic gases at night which are causing many children to cough, vomit and nose bleeding.

For the past two weeks, since the emission of the gas started, cases of respiratory ailments have also increased among the residents.