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Infinix to launch latest smartwatch in Kenya

The business and consumer demand for smartphones and mobile watches is growing rapidly in Kenya. Enter Infinix with its latest smartwatch which is set to be launched in the coming months.

According to the sales manager Carter Tang the smartwatch will work with all their mobile phones because they only make and sale smartphones.

“Our company is relatively new in the mobile business so what we have done is listen to our customer’s demands through our online X-club platform to give them what they want,” Mr Tang said during an interview with Nairobi News.

Mr Tang notes that they are happy to have between 25 percent-30 percent of the smartphone market share in Kenya and he says it is because their phones are well within the range of the average citizen.


“Our phones are not expensive and yet are not cheap. What we sell is within the reach of the average Kenyan who wants to be seen with a smartphone,” Mr Tang said.

He further challenged Kenyans to embrace E-Commerce if they want to get better prices because it means the manufactures can shorten the chain of supply which will result in even more cheaper and better phones in the market.

The company launched its latest smartphone Infinix Hot 3 LTE in the Kenyan market in May which is an upgrade of Infinix Hot 3 which they launched in March 2016.

Unlike many mobile companies around the world, Infinix has concentrated its market in Africa and the Middle East were they believe they can make a bigger impact.

Infinix Mobility Limited was established in 2013 in Hong Kong and entered into the Kenyan Market in 2014 and has been able to take a share of smartphone in the local market within the last two years.