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Influencer Risper Faith caught faking life on Instagram

By Winnie Mabel October 26th, 2022 2 min read

Risper Faith has been caught red-handed faking her lifestyle on Instagram.

The influencer, also known as Lady Risper, had On October 26, 2022, uploaded a photo of herself in a gorgeous maroon fashion cloak coat paired with a black bodycon dress.

Her hair was layed in all the right places and the accompanying hand purse tied up the look.

Photopshopped image of Risper Faith. PHOTO: COURTESY

“If you are waiting for Risper Faith season to be over, am here to let you know that it doesn’t,” she captioned the photo and credited photographer Paul Pichaz for taking it.

However, keen-eyed social media users were quick to note that Lady Risper had actually stolen someone else’s photo, photo-shopped her face onto the body, and touched up the skin color with photo editing software to make it appear a shade lighter.

The original owner of the body and photo Risper plagiarized is Ms Kristine, an American digital creator who posts content on curvy women being fashionably trendy.

Ms Kristine originally posted the photo on December 1, 2016- only for Lady Risper to lift it about six years later.

Curiously, Nairobi News sought to find out if Lady Risper had faked any other content on her Instagram account and we picked a random photo.

It turns out, the oatmeal porridge with bananas, blueberries, and peanut butter did not belong to her either.

She captioned the breakfast meal photo, “Good morning, having a superfood peanut butter oatmeal bowl for breakfast SLAPS!!!”

The picture however belongs to American food blogger Bethany who runs the A Simple Plate website.

This was discovered after Nairobi News ran Risper Faith’s photo through Google Lens and the results showed the original image came from Bethany.

For the better part of the afternoon, Lady Risper has been trolled on several gossips and entertainment Instagram accounts for ’faking it till she makes it.’

She went live on Instagram and while people thought she would address the plagiarism claims, she went on to advertise another service she was being paid to undertake.

Risper Faith’s social media brand has been one of a socialite who lives a lavish life, is fashionable, and enjoys hanging out in chic locations with friends.

It would appear something has to be wrong for her to go to the extent of stealing content to portray a good life.

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