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Inheritance dispute: DeMathew’s first wife wins legal battle

Carolyne DeMathew, the second wife of the late Benga music sensation, John DeMathew, has disclosed that the first wife, Sarafina DeMathew, emerged victorious in a contentious inheritance case.

The late John DeMathew was married to Sarafina as his first wife and Caroline as his second wife.

The musician’s demise in a road accident four years ago left a legacy of harmony between the two wives. Years later, a family feud erupted over the distribution of the late singer’s assets.

According to Caroline, differences between the two wives escalated in 2021 over the allocation of DeMathew’s earnings.

Initially, they shared the proceeds derived from his work, but the situation changed after Caroline began her own YouTube channel.

Allegedly, Sarafina blocked Caroline’s access to their late husband’s earnings following this development.

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Caroline, having attempted to resolve the matter through arbitrators and discussions with Sarafina, eventually turned to the high court, seeking reinstatement as a beneficiary of the inheritance.

Her efforts at reconciliation proved futile, driving her to resort to legal intervention. The core issue before the High Court now hinges on whether Caroline’s exclusion from inheriting DeMathew’s properties is legally justified.

During the recent fourth anniversary of DeMathew’s death, Carolyne shared fond memories of the late musician whom he described as soft-spoken.

In response to a fan’s query on Facebook about the ongoing court case, Carolyne said: “About the court, yes she (Sarafina) won and there’s always a winner and a loser.”

During De’Mathew’s third anniversary, Carolynne said that only one of her late husband’s friends has been checking up on her after everyone abandoned her.

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Carolyne also announced to their fans that she was thrown out of the home she shared with her late husband. She wished the deceased would come back and see how his friends turned their back on her.

“I swear Njogu was your friend. He has been checking up on me and your little Mathew, Simba,” Carolyne wrote.

“I wish you knew how your family treated me as well after your demise. They even threw me out of our house, where I gave birth to your son.”

DeMathew’s first wife has been sending cryptic messages on social media after Carolyne spoke.

A few days ago, Sarafina said people will build you thinking they are breaking you.

“To my genuine friends, fans and DeMathew’s friends and fans, I am doing fine and better,” she wrote.