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Injured and broken, Chantal Grazioli narrates her ordeal

Chantal Grazioli has recounted her ordeal after she was allegedly battered by her boyfriend.

Chantal said what she went through was not a joke, adding that gender-based violence should be taken more seriously.

“I saw some people taking this as a joke. It’s not a joke! I can’t walk properly I’m injured and broken… (gender-based) violence is not something to be taken lightly or joked about. There are people going through it… If you are out there experiencing the same, please be strong and seek help you are not alone,” she said.

Chantal also thanked her ex-boyfriend Eric Omondi for coming through for her following the incident.

“I’m thankful to Eric for speaking about it and taking his time to come through,” she said.

Details of Chantal’s alleged assault were first made public by the comedian who shared a video showing Chantal limping on one foot in her house with blood stains in one room.

In his post, the comedian pointed an accusing finger at Chantal’s new boyfriend, Nicola Traldi.

“Any man who puts his hands on a woman is a coward! Nicola Traldi is a coward. He is weak and insecure. A man’s strength is fully shown when he protects a woman and not when he puts his hands on her,” he wrote on Instagram.

In his defense, Nicola claimed he was being framed for something he would never do.

“I would never lay my hands on a lady. I am a father of two daughters. The truth shall come out,” said Nicola who started dating Chantal last year.

Eric and Chantal had dated for close to five years before publicly announcing their breakup in 2018.