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Insecure man seals wife’s private parts with super glue then goes on the run

Police have launched a manhunt for a man who allegedly sealed his wife’s private parts with super glue out of insecurity.

The bizarre incident took place in Tharaka Nithi and was reported by the woman who narrated to the police how her husband forced her to strip naked by the riverside before he started interrogating her.

According to the victim, her husband arrived home and demanded to know how many men she had slept with while he was away.

According to a police statement, the husband ordered the woman out of the house and took her to a nearby river and told her to strip naked. He threatened to kill her if she didn’t do as ordered.

“She hesitated and he started beating her while threatening to kill her with a knife he was holding. Finally she removed her clothes and the suspect sprayed pepper, salt and super glue on her vagina while using the knife to push it inside,” the police said in the statement.

The woman says that her husband then sealed her ears and mouth with super glue and sand before leaving her at the scene.

Police did not divulge information of how the woman was rescued, but said that she is currently admitted in hospital in serious condition.