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Inside gospel star Muigai Wa Njoroge’s polygamous marriage: First wife speaks out

Njeri wa Muigai, the first wife of renowned gospel singer Muigai wa Njoroge, has candidly addressed her experiences being in a polygamous marriage.

In a Facebook live session, she responded to inquiries from her fans regarding her absence during her husband’s recent birthday celebration.

According to Njeri, her husband’s birthday surprise was organised by his second wife, Queen Stacey, which she felt was none of her business.

During the live session, Njeri shared that she had moved past the stage of feeling pain over her husband’s decision to marry another woman.

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Njeri admitted that accepting the polygamous arrangement had been a struggle, but she eventually agreed to it for her own peace of mind.

“It has been 11 years ago. We cried and drank, and we tried all we could. Muigai and Stacey even got a child who is 12 years old. I would have died then [when I found out] since it was not easy,” she revealed.

She further explained that she would have only attended the birthday celebration had she received an invitation from the second wife.

Njeri made it clear that she had known from the beginning that such events were not meant for her and that it was now an old story.

Opening up about her emotional journey into accepting a polygamous family, Njeri disclosed that she nearly fell into depression upon learning she would have a co-wife.

“During that period, I just couldn’t laugh, and it felt like [debilitating] depression. Thankfully, I have overcome that,” she shared.

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“I was actually dumped, but he is currently [building a family] with us. You live with it, and it is well.” Njeri explained, “I am signing deals, and people are tagging me, saying sorry [for what I went through, in my marriage publicly].”

Njeri emphasized the importance of accepting one’s circumstances by offering encouragement to others facing similar struggles.

She recounted the difficult times she went through, including moments of crying and excessive drinking to drown her sorrows. However, she eventually found harmony and peace within herself.

On accepting her polygamous family, Njeri said, “What you cannot control, you learn to live with it. There is harmony right now [between me and the co-wife]. If you want to stay there. Look for your space [withing that marriage dynamic] and don’t leave. Peace is very important.”

Reflecting on the dramatic moments in her relationship with her musician husband, Njeri admitted to engaging in various confrontations, even attending one of his concerts to confront him.

“We have gone through all those stages,” she admitted.

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