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Inside secret life of Recce squad officer mentioned in Monica Kimani’s murder

The social life of Mr Jennings Orlando, a Recce Squad officer and who is a witness in the murder of Ms Monica Kimani who was killed on September 19, 2018 can now be revealed.

Mr Orlando first hit news headlines a few days after the body of Ms Kimani was found inside her apartment located in Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani, off Dennis Pritt Road and after the main suspect in the murder Mr Joseph Irungu alias Jowie had been arrested.

The other suspect in the murder and who was adversely mentioned is TV personality Jacque Maribe. Last week, a court was told that Mr Orlando was with Jowie on the day Ms Kimani was murdered.

According to Mr Maxwell Otieno, the lead investigator in the case, Mr Orlando drove and dropped Jowie at the scene of the murder. The duo met at Roadhouse Club near Royal Park Estate, where Jowie resided with Ms Maribe and stayed until 8pm.

Recce Squad officer Jennings Orlando who has been linked with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani when he was arraigned before the Kiambu Law Courts on November 2, 2018. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

It is then that Jowie said that he was scheduled to meet a woman who had arrived in Kenya from South Sudan and the officer took him to Ms Monica’s apartment. However, along the way, Jowie took a taxi and asked Orlando to wait for him at a petrol station in the area.

The officer, in his statement, said that  Jowie picked a pistol from the dashboard of the car and at the gate leading to where the deceased lived, he identified himself as Dominic Harun Bisera and produced a national ID.

However, Nairobi News can reveal more details of the officer who is based at the Recce Squad camp in Ruiru. The officer hails from Kisumu city and is an alumnus of a secondary school based within the lakeside town.

Initially at the begin of his career, he was based in Samburu before he was redeployed in Nairobi. According to friends, he is known to be a very outgoing person.

Recce Squad officer Jennings Orlando. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Until Jowie was arrested and linked to the murder of Ms Kimani, they were great friends who could enjoy drinks together almost every weekend,” said a friend who spoke in confidence.

The friends further said that Mr Orlando was known mostly by his alias name Coy. In addition, he is known to be a great sprinter who participated in several cross-country races.

Another friend and colleague, who attended his birthday party on June 23, 2019, said a cheerful Mr Orlando  happy bought his friends plenty of food and drinks on that occasion.

“He is also a great Chelsea fan and always makes fun of Manchester United and Arsenal, saying that they will never win the premier league again,” said the colleague.

Last month, Mr Orlando was among rally fans who trooped to Naivasha, Nakuru County to watch the WRC Safari Rally.