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Inside the lavish farmhouse mansion owned by Real Housewife of Nairobi, Dr Catherine Masitsa

Dr Catherine Masitsa, the sixth and recent addition to the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show cast, invited The Art of Living’s show host Naila Kenga, on a tour of her farm house mansion located in one of Nairobi’s upscale suburbs, Karen, in Lang’ata Constituency.

RHON Dr Catherine Masitsa and show host Naila Kenga. PHOTO| COURTESY

During the house tour, Dr Masitsa revealed that she and her husband of European descent jointly purchased all their furnishings because they taste the same.

Their home is decorated along the theme and styles of old Rome, and it features Greek Venetian floor tiles, Italian furniture like her kitchen island and dining table set, oak wood tables with rustic appearances, and accent pieces from across Europe.

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RHON Dr Catherine Masitsa shows off her lavish mansion. PHOTO| COURTESY

Her furnishings also feature two grand pianos with one in the style of Old France, she has a grand Moroccan mirror over her fireplace and Seychelles artefacts for her table ornaments.

Around her house, Dr Masitsa has high-quality reproduction paintings of famous art pieces that they bought from several European museums.

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RHON Dr Catherine Masitsa shows off her lavish mansion. PHOTO| COURTESY

Above her Italian kitchen island is an equally fascinating farm house style chandelier where she also hangs her pots and pans. In her bedrooms, her choice of not having curtains on her large floor-to-ceiling windows continues and she explained that this was because the view of the Ngong Hills from her bedroom window was too much of a precious view to be obstructed by window furnishings.

Dr Masitsa further told Naila that she grew up in a rural home and this was a lifestyle she intend to replicate in her home, giving it more of an old-money vibe. She further revealed that she rarely buys new furniture pieces as they often opt to buy vintage items. Sometimes, however, they would come across a modern piece that exudes vintage vibes and they would buy it.

Dr Masitsa described her home as a farm house which is very practical, rustic, simple and very rural; and that is why her guests always said her home felt soulful.

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RHON Dr Catherine Masitsa and show host Naila Kenga. PHOTO| COURTESY

As she told Naila, the Karen mansion speaks of who she is and her creativity.

“I do not like to do ‘me too’ things. I don’t do things that have already been done and nowhere in the world will you find a space reproduced like mine. The décor is inspired by who I am as a person and by making it practical for our daughter. I did not want a house of ‘don’t touch that’ for my daughter. I also wanted my husband to feel at home. So we went for French/European accent with rural vibes,” said Dr Masitsa.

Dr Masitsa is also the owner of the renowned Samantha’s Bridal.

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Watch the entire house tour here:

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