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Inside the mind of Starlet Wahu’s killer John Matara: A deep dive into his music

In the aftermath of the senseless murder of socialite Starlet Wahu, the shocking revelation of the alleged killer’s background has sent shockwaves through the Kenyan community.

John Matara, known by his musical alias ‘Rebelius Monk,’ has emerged as the man suspected of taking the life of the vibrant socialite.

Starlet Wahu Mwangi, the younger sister of Prophet Victor Kanyari. PHOTO |COURTESY

The socialite’s murder has now exposed a troubled artist who used music to voice societal woes.

Digging into Matara’s past has revealed a complex narrative that spans a decade from his high school days at Butere Boys High School in Kakamega County in 2008 to the tragic events that unfolded in a rented room in Nairobi’s South B.

Matara, a man of many talents, not only pursued a musical career but also identified as a graphic designer.

Under the pseudonym ‘Rebelius Monk,’ he created a YouTube channel in March 2018 featuring 10 original releases exploring themes of a broken system and societal issues.

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His second most popular track, ‘Time Has Proven,’ with over 19k views, delves into the challenges faced by the youth and the broken social structure.

His top views single is titled ‘Tribulation’ which has over 33k views.

In poignant lyrics, he addresses the persistence of crime, violence, and the prevalence of HIV in society.

“In 2016, HIV still persists, mass murdering, why invest in injecting violence,” Matara sang in one of his songs, reflecting on the ongoing societal struggles.

Suspected serial sex offender John Matara. PHOTO| COURTES

In his lyrics, he brags about his immortality and justifies why crime is on the rise.

“Time has proven that I cannot die. Even time shall surely dies,” Matara sings in the reggae song.

Then he talks about how the system is broken, and that is why people have to rip off others and make a run for it because “youth men will not continue to carry the yolk of slavery and oppression.”

In part of the lyrics, he reaffirms, “I represent the streets for a long time, though I was with you all this time. Another call in life, you call it a crime. Still, I could never lose my rhyme.”

In one of his songs dubbed ‘A Generation after Generation’, Matara critically examines the root causes of crime, condemning a conniving system that perpetuates harm to the masses and fuels classism.

The chilling lyrics paint a bleak picture of a malnourished population struggling to grow amid a system rife with negligence and pestilence.

“A malnutritioned population, find it hard to grow. There is no penetration in a dem class and hierarchy. Crime and violence outta negligence a sh*tuation. What a pestilence… a double coincidence born out of negligence is the situation. Double coincidence,” he sang.

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In another verse, he comments on the “system’s” pursuit of money:

“The system wanted the money, you know how they get their honey. Now things are going to turn funny, beyond the expectations of mommy and granny.”

The revelation of Matara’s musical pursuits adds a haunting dimension to the tragedy surrounding Starlet Wahu’s murder.

The ill-fated couple, who initially connected on a dating site, planned a meeting that ended in a gruesome manner. They booked a house, purchased HIV tests, and retired to their room, unaware of the impending tragedy.

Starlet Wahu Mwangi, the younger sister of Prophet Victor Kanyari. PHOTO |COURTESY

Matara, portrayed by Starlet as someone who loved her, turned out to be a killer.

Wahu’s lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood on January 4, prompting an active investigation by detectives from the Makadara division.

The crime scene revealed signs of a struggle, with stab wounds, cuts, and a human bite on the victim’s body.

Starlet’s brother, Pastor Victor Kanyari, expressed the family’s devastation, emphasising that she saw Matara as a loving companion rather than a potential threat.

The watchman reported seeing Matara fleeing with bloodstained clothes, prompting the premises owner to use a spare key to unlock the house.

Detectives from the Makadara division are actively investigating the case.

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