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Inside Zari Hassan’s dowry negotiations with Shakib Lutaaya

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan recently shed light on the reason behind her unique dowry request during her traditional wedding in April.

In an interview with NTV Uganda, Zari explained that she asked her husband, Shakib Lutaaya, to gift her a Quran as part of the Mahr (dowry) because of her spiritual journey with Allah.

Zari shared that her husband is a devout and prayerful man who regularly reminds her to pray.

She felt guilty when she neglected her prayers and appreciated her husband’s efforts to keep her spiritually connected.

“I asked for a Quran as Mahr because I am on a spiritual journey with Allah. My husband, Shakib, prays a lot, so I feel guilty if I don’t, and he always calls to remind me to pray when he’s not around,” Zari explained.

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Reflecting on their Nikah ceremony, Zari described it as a surprise organized by Shakib Lutaaya and a few close friends.

“The Nikah ceremony was a surprise. He, in collaboration with a few friends, organized the marriage. I didn’t hesitate because I loved him. His courage just shocked me; I didn’t expect him to pull off such a move,” Zari shared.

Regarding her husband’s busy schedule, Zari clarified that they are not always together due to their work commitments.

She emphasized that people only recently became acquainted with Shakib through her and that he has his own life and career.

Zari praised his humility and expressed that his ability to make her happy is what truly matters to her.

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Addressing a recent controversy surrounding a leaked audio recording, Zari clarified her statements about her husband’s inexperience in international travel.

She stated that her intention was not to shame or disrespect Shakib, but rather express her desire for him to be with her in the UK during her travels.

The leaked audio recording featured the socialite expressing her frustration over her husband’s lack of experience with international flights.

In the audio, Zari refers to her husband as a young and timid individual, using the term ‘fala’ to describe his behavior. She blames an unidentified person for failing to give him a proper briefing before the flight.

She remarks, “Someone should have given him a briefing. He has never traveled internationally, except for Dubai, and even there, they are not as strict at the airport. But in the UK, even if you have everything in order, they ask questions. So, he needs to be briefed.”

The issue seems to revolve around invitation letters and accommodation arrangements.

During the interview, where Zari addressed the leaked audio, she expressed her disappointment in the betrayal by someone she considered a friend, emphasizing that discussing personal matters about one’s spouse privately is common among women.

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