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Insideout Development to unveil vision board party

Insideout Development, which is led by the famous business trainer and personal branding coach Ms Hannah Githuki will be unveiling its annual goal-setting event, refer as Vision Board Party 2024.

The transformative gathering will bring together professionals across various industries, drawing in a diverse crowd of 70 people who are eager to chart the course for the year ahead.

The event takes place on Saturday, February 10 at Trademark Hotel on Limuru Road.

The Vision Board Party has consistently attracted a dynamic group of participants, with 70 percent of attendees being accomplished women from sectors such as banking, real estate, insurance, coaching, NGOs, and law.

Ms Githuki who is a seasoned professional coach arrived at Vision Board to guide attendees in crystallizing their aspirations.

Through a creative and visual representation of their goals, participants gain a tangible and inspiring roadmap to manifest their dreams into reality.

“This annual event has been a resounding success, with numerous testimonials highlighting the positive impact of goal-setting and visual representation. The Vision Board Party has proven to be a catalyst for personal and professional growth, paving the way for achievements that once seemed distant,” the statement reads.

This year’s Vision Board Party is sponsored by one of the leading insurance companies in the country, marking an exciting collaboration, aligning with the shared mission of empowering individuals and businesses to perform at their highest level.

Ms Gathuki has expressed her enthusiasm for this year’s event, anticipating the opportunity to guide both men and women in unlocking their potential.

She said that the Insideout Development company is dedicated to training, coaching, and empowering people.

The company has also invited professionals from diverse backgrounds to join the Vision Board Party 2024 for an immersive experience of goal-setting, personal development, and collaboration.

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