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Instagram couple in bitter online break up dissing

A couple has treated its online followers to a break up drama by dissing each other through their respective accounts.

The two, who had become an envy of their followers on Instagram through their vacation and lifestyle photos, have ended the relationship in a bitter online row.

Yah Boy Selfie and Yah Gal Selfie, as their usernames previously read, decided to change their usernames to Trapafasa and Binti Preety after their break up.

Yah Boy Selfie and Yah Gal Selfie. PHOTO | COURTESY
Yah Boy Selfie and Yah Gal Selfie. PHOTO | COURTESY

After the breakup, the man, Trapafasa decided to shame his ex-gilrfriend through his Twitter account.

He posted how he financed the woman’s maiden flight to Mombasa and was giving her monthly upkeep of Sh10,000 when she was still in college.



Trapafasa went on to rant how he even bought Binti a second hand laptop and used to buy her clothes all which he claims she never appreciated.

Binti on her part took to Snapchat to shame her ex-boyfriend stating that he had no right to claim she was after his money as he could not afford to buy her a yatch.


She went on to term Trapafasa as a broke man who used to buy her mitumba clothes and brag how he was dressing her.

The breakup has elicited mixed reactions from the couple fans with some lauding Trapafasa’s efforts to treat his girlfriend with the little he could afford while others branded Binti a gold digger who never appreciated her boyfriend’s efforts.

The couple has since deleted their photos on their Instagram accounts but previous Twitter photo posts still exist.