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Instagram now makes it easier for users to recover their accounts

Instagram has rolled out a new in-app process that will make it easier for users to recover their accounts.

The will be good news for Instagram users who have had problems getting back into their locked accounts.

Previously, Instagram would only let users recover their accounts manually if they got locked out.

First, you had to fill a support form and then wait for Instagram’s security team to contact you which many thought was frustrating because of the company’s lack of customer support.

The Facebook-owned online platform also announced that it is introducing a time delay before a username can be claimed by someone else if an account is hacked or the user decides to change it.

In case you get hacked here’s what you have to do to recover your account:

  • Open the Instagram app, and go to the login page.
  • Tap on ‘Need more help’.
  • Enter the original email address and phone number you used with your account.
  • Instagram will send a six-digit unique code to that email address and number. Enter the code to recover your account.

The company has previously mostly relied on a system that involved having hacking victims take a selfie in which they held up a piece of paper with a code that Instagram sent them.

The feature is available to all Android users.