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Instagram’s Layout feature adds collages to your Stories

Instagram on Tuesday rolled out new Layout feature that lets users include multiple photos in a single story.

When you open the Stories camera and select the Layout option, you’ll be able to choose between two and six photos to combine in a grid-based collage.

Layout is the latest in a string of updates Instagram has brought to Stories.

Stories are an increasingly important part of Instagram, and while many of the new changes mimic Snapchat, Tik Tok, even Tinder, users don’t seem to mind.


People used to get around the previous limit by using third-party apps to create custom content for Instagram stories.

That would involve arranging multiple photos together using a template, saving it as one image, and then uploading the image to Instagram.

Now, everything can be done within Instagram itself. This is sure to render some third-party photo editing apps obsolete.

In addition to combining multiple photos together in one story, users will be able to add any of the regular story effects on top of the images before posting. Other effects can include text, stickers, GIFs, filters, drawings, etc.


Instagram has also added a picture in picture mode on IGTV. Picture in picture mode, as you may already know, helps you watch videos in a tiny window floating on top of your screen.

It gives you the freedom to continue scrolling through your Instagram timeline and even replying to those DMs without having to pause the video.

You can chat on WhatsApp and even check your gallery while watching the IGTV video.

Picture in picture mode is available in the latest update, for iOS and Android.