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Inter-Religious Council of Kenya launches Sh300m Covid-19 funds drive

By Amina Wako April 12th, 2020 2 min read

Inter-Religious Council of Kenya has launched a Sh 300 million fundraising drive to support vulnerable Kenyans during the Covid-19 restriction period.

The campaign dubbed “Jali” is supported by Religious groups, Civil Society, Private sector, and individuals will target vulnerable populations in informal settlements, people living with disabilities, people with terminal illnesses, the homeless, children and youth, and families of the lower cadre.

It will also target, as a secondary priority, frontline medical workers, security guards, and public service providers in a bid to ensure that they are also catered for as they render essential services to Kenyans.

“Given how crucial the next three months will be as the nation works to flatten the Covid-19 curve, we could experience further limitations on the movement that could greatly impact on the less privileged in society. That is why we are launching this initiative now and are appealing to Kenyans of goodwill to come out in full support in a bid to help our brothers and sisters in need.” Dr Francis Kuria Executive Director, Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, said.

“This campaign will be looking at strengthening the resilience of vulnerable people by providing food directly or by way of cash transfers to identified and verified vulnerable populations in informal settlements, urban and peri-urban areas with an emphasis on people with disabilities, people with terminal illnesses, the homeless, children and youth, and families of lower cadre medical workers,” he added.

The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya comprises nine religious organizations including, Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, Hindu Council of Kenya, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops and National Council of Churches of Kenya.

Others members of the council are the Organization of African Instituted Churches, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shia Asna Ashri Jamaat, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims, and National Muslim Leaders Forum.

Kenyans can contribute to the fund by sending their donations to the M-Pesa pay bill number 5108221.