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Interesting facts about David Ole Sankok

East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP David Ole Sankok has applied for the Parliamentary Service Commission positions.

Prior to being nominated as MP in the regional assembly, Ole Sankok served as a nominated MP on a Jubilee Party ticket.

PSC has 11 members with the Speaker of the National Assembly as chairman and the Senate Clerk as its secretary.

Article 127 of the constitution provides for the manner of constituting the commission. It states that seven members shall be appointed by Parliament from among its members of whom four shall be nominated equally from both Houses by the party or coalition of parties forming the national govern­ment, and at least two should be women.

Here are interesting facts about Ole Sankok:

He studied nursing

Ole Sankok studied nursing at the University of Nairobi from where he graduated in 2005. In a previous interview, Ole Sankok said he joined the university in 1998 when he was already married.

He said his preferred course was physiology and that he hated anatomy because one had to spend a lot of time with dead bodies.

He did various odd jobs

Ole Sankok has in the past disclosed that he once earned a living from selling mitumba and sharpening knives and swords as well as selling charcoal in Suswa market. This was before he started receiving handouts after becoming Sonu chairman in 2000. However, his tenure was short-lived and only served for seven months. His first daughter was born the same day he was sworn in as the chairman.

Arrests and ‘assassination’ attempts

Ole Sankok opposed the introduction of parallel degree programmes, which he felt would make it easy for children from rich families to “buy” education. He claims that he was arrested 11 times in seven months and tortured.

“Strange people would trail me. I survived three assassination attempts in Kericho, Thika Road, and Narok,” he claimed.

He sought refuge in Norway and pursued a diploma in medical science from Bergen University. He returned in 2002 after a change of regime that saw all suspended students granted amnesty.

Calls for de-registration of healed PWDs 

Ole Sankok once requested Prophet David Owuor’s church to submit the list of the people he healed to former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko so that they can be de-registered from the government’s disability database.

This was after the Prophet Owuor was pictured carrying clutches after ‘healing’ those who had disabilities.

“The Mighty Prophet of God can give the names of those ‘healed’ from disability to Mike Sonko. so that I delete and deregister them from our disability database,” Ole Sankok said.

He is sporty

As a person living with a disability, Ole Sankok has been at the forefront of advocating for equal opportunities and even changing the narrative of PWDs.

Ole Sankok has been seen showcasing his football skills at the Inter-Parliamentary games. During the last year’s World Disability Day celebrations, he took to the truck in an epic race.

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