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Interior designer with a passion for health and wellness

From the age of 12, each time she entered a building, Caroline Warugongo-Mutuma would be captivated by design fixtures and fittings. She was drawn to interesting colours and texture. When time came to choose careers, she settled for interior design and information technology.

Caroline has her own company, Denca Interiors which she founded in 2013. Her job entails bringing new life to empty living spaces.

However, for six months now, she has also been operating as a licensed distributor of health, beauty and wellness products from an international network marketing company. She first learned about the firm’s products through a post from a friend on social media.

When she sought to know more about it, she was invited for her first meeting.  “I was not receptive at first as I do not do very well in crowds,” she said.

The meeting got her talking to people and she decided to give it a try, to help others while making an extra shilling.

The other thing that endeared her to the idea was the fact that she required minimal capital of Sh40,000 which she got from her savings.

She started by using the products herself and from the experience, it became easy to recommend them to her friends and family.


The beauty of network marketing is that advertising is via word of mouth. She also uses social media to grow her network.

Now she has a team of her own and gets the products straight from the manufacturers at a discount. The products include beauty, weight management, health and personal care items which she sells from Sh300.

Luckily, she has a supportive husband who gives her the nudge she sometimes needs to perform at her two jobs.

She attends team building events where they are trained on how to approach potential clients.