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Sports press body demands apology from Messi for insulting journalists

By Winnie Mabel December 20th, 2022 2 min read

The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) is demanding an apology from the 2022 Fifa World Cup winners, Argentina, captained by Lionel Messi, over claims of insulting journalists at the mixed zone on Sunday in Doha, Qatar, after after being crowned world champions.

The demands have come after a section of the international media reported that the triumphant Argentinean players sang a song insulting journalists.

According to The Independent, to the players used the f-word on journalists in their song.

“Support the national team, support them to the death because I love Argentina, because it’s an emotion I carry in my heart. And I don’t care what those f*****g journalists say,” the players are reported to have sang.

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The Independent reported that this attack on the media was in response to the Argentinean media for often comparing Lionel Messi to the late football legend Diego Maradona.

But in its response to the incident, AIPS demanded that Messi and his team mates issue an apology to journalists.

“Lionel Messi is undoubtedly the number one in football, the captain of the Argentine national team, who won the World Cup, but for this very reason he should apologise on behalf of the team for the song with which he and his teammates insulted us journalists, all of our category,” AIPS said in a statement.

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“It was nice to see him on the pitch with his family, everyone rejoiced with him. But now what would the public and the family members of journalists, who have been described as “whores” (“putos periodistas”) by characters who sometimes have dubious behaviours bordering on law, think,” the statement further read.

The incident took place as the victorious Argentine side prepared to return home after beating defending champions France in a match that continues to be hailed as a classic.

Argentina beat France 4-2 on post-match penalties to win their third World Cup title after the two teams had tied 2-2 at full time and 3-3 after extra time, occasioning the post-match penalties to decide the winners of the match that was played on Sunday at the Lusail Stadium in Doha.

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