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Mikono juu! Riggy G the Koinange street musician

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says he was once a musician.

Speaking to Inooro TV, the DP explained he once performed at a number of entertainment joints in Nairobi.

“I used to perform at Dolce club on Koinange street,” he explained.

The DP made the remarks amid the current stand-off between Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja and nightclub owners in Nairobi.

Sakaja has vowed to close down nightclubs located in residential areas within the capital on the premise that the noises are a health hazard to residents.

But Gachagua has resisted the arrangement and instead called for negotiations between the county government of Nairobi and nightclub owners.

The DP argues it is possible for clubs to operate within residential areas without disturbing the peace of area residents.

“The clubs (I performed at) were soundproofed such that you could hear no noise from outside. The bar owners are parents who need to continue with their businesses to make ends meet.”

(The authorities should) hold a meeting with them and agree on a period which will be suitable for them to install soundproofs in the bars,” he added.

Besides the difference in opinion on the location of nightclubs, Gachagua and Sakaja have publicly differed on whether public service vehicles (PSV) should access the Central Business District (CBD).

Gachagua maintains most of these vehicles are owned by Mount Kenya residents who voted for Sakaja on his advice and they should, thus, be respected.

“We need to respect all businesses. I want to assure the business people that the government will not allow anyone to destroy their businesses.”

Besides his expansive business interests that have attracted legal battles, Gachagua served as a District Officer (DO) and lawmaker before successfully contesting for the presidency.

There are no known records of his musical career.

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