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Does an introduction to in-laws equal marriage proposal?

By NAIRA HABIB September 22nd, 2017 2 min read

If a man takes you to meet his parents does it mean he is going to marry you? This is the question that has divided most women on Facebook.

Opinion is divided on whether an introduction to the parents of the person one is dating equals a marriage proposal.

Women camped on the Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone Facebook group and shared their personal experiences on the subject.

Some were of the view that the very act itself is a show of the man’s commitment and seriousness while others said a man will do anything just to get what he wants, and in most cases it is not necessarily marriage.

“No anatafutia mama yake mboch wa muda tu next utapelekwa ukae na mamake for like a week as you mboch for her and for you utafikiria ni kuolewa na utafanya bidii eti ndio you impress the woman then after like 6 months ukuwe dumped and he moves on to the next victim ndio ukuje hapa ukitulilia oooooh this ooooohhh that,” Shelby Sutton wrote.

“No…actually his parents know all his other chicks,” commented Naomie Qelcie.

“Wacheni wivu huyo anakuowa a real man hawezii peleka mwanamke kwao kwa WAZAZI kama hataki kukuowa unless umemulazimisha atasema let me take u for the sake of peace but hawa magume gume ndio KITU yakuanza muki meet anakuambia I want u 2meet my my my my mpaka unachoka ukionyeshanwa kwa kila MTU unadhani umepata bila kujua umepatikana,” narrated Jesscarmamu Myambu.

The post on Facebook and the comments it attracted. PHOTO | COURTESY
The post on Facebook and the comments it attracted. PHOTO | COURTESY

“Not at all, you never know amepeleka wangapi since January,” said mercy Maish.

“No, he’s sampling out and his mother is in the game too, his mum is there to compare you with the previous ones who came a cross, the his mum with point one for him. My neighbor is good at that,” said Tecklar Clay.

“Some will take u just to earn points. Be smart my lady,” said Eva Muthei.

“A big NO back in da yr 20110 nilipelekwa nikaintroducwa vizuri sana, after 2-3 months madharau nayo it just ended like that en 4nao he wants me back n am married with 1 kid,” said Salome Mwangi.

“Hahaha tumepelekwa mara thate na bado tuko single,” said Juliet Kawii.

“Side chicks meet mums too,” said Winny Kiarie.

“Gone are the days… Mothers in law are their son’s accomplice… #partners in crime,” wrote Kimani E Raye.

“Wah I need a pseudo walai….hapa Leo nikutamu….wenye kupelekwa until the parent can’t get your mame right juu your number 40to be introduced wacomment wapi,” said Calanty Bayb.

“Waah mi wanne na Niko single hadi naogopa,” said Anne Waithirah.