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Intruder attempts to disrupt Uhuru’s Lamu event

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s security detail was on Thursday forced to fend off an intruder who attempted to walk towards him during a function in Lamu town.

The incident which was partly captured on Live TV occurred as the President was reading his speech at the main dais, moments after commissioning Kenya’s newest port in Lamu.

As per the footage seen by Nairobi News, the presence of the intruder who is partly hidden is noticed by the President’s hawk-eyed aide de camp, who is then forced to move from his official position behind his boss so as to possibly confront the person.

Moments later, the President monetarily pauses his speech even as he moves behind from his original position in front of the microphone as if to avoid direct confrontation with the intruder. By that time, other security persons dressed in civilian outfits appear to have appeared to guard the President.

After a few seconds, and with the danger snuffed out, President Kenyatta continues with his speech, but not before apologizing to the gathering.


“Poleni sana (I’m so sorry),” he says. Then adds: “Unajua kila mtu ana mambo yake, loosely translated to mean people will always do things differently.

Earlier, security was reportedly tightened in and around Lamu when President Kenyatta, who is entering his final 12 months in office, arrived for this historical event that is expected to significantly improve trade between Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan.

The Head of State landed aboard a military chopper barely a day after three Kenya Defence Forces succumbed to injuries sustained from an IED attack in the area which was reportedly planted by terrorists.

This is not the first time an intruder has caused a security scare at a function involving a VIP politician.

In 2020, a man attempted to attack Deputy President William Ruto as he was leaving an event at Rurii stadium in Murang’a but was overpowered by the DP’s security team.

And in 2014, a man who was later said to be mentally unstable worked from nowhere and caned opposition leader Raila Odinga at a function in Kwale.