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Invite women! DP Gachagua’s stipulation to attend Mt Kenya artistes gigs

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has raised concerns over certain Kikuyu musicians providing platforms for individuals he deems to have “questionable” character, emphasising that it poses a threat to women.

Speaking at the launch of Samidoh’s foundation held on November 30, at the Parklands Sports Club, DP Gachagua addressed the need for responsible event management within the artistic community.

During his speech, the Deputy President expressed the government’s readiness to support artists in their projects but emphasized the importance of inviting serious individuals to gatherings.

“The president and I will support our artists, provided that when you invite us, there are women in the audience. A good gathering must-have women. We have witnessed instances where musicians invite people, but women don’t attend because of those they invited,” he remarked.

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This caution comes in the wake of a recent event organized by Kikuyu artist Jose Gatutura, where the New Democrat’s party leader, Thuo Mathenge, also known as ‘No Wanguku,’ presented 12 resolutions for the community.

The event, largely attended by Kikuyu men on October 7, 2023, at Kimorori Stadium grounds in Kenol, Murang’a County, featured former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, who received an enthusiastic entrance from the crowd.

DP Gachagua highlighted the male-dominated nature of the event and suggested that the invited individuals had a history that could intimidate women.

He cautioned artists to be vigilant, urging them not to allow their functions to be exploited by individuals with dubious character.

“Don’t be used in the wrong way. Those trying to use you are attempting to revive a dark history. We will attend functions where everyone is involved,” he warned.

Gachagua directed a plea to the media, advising against providing platforms for such controversial figures.

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He stressed that attempts to cleanse their image would prove futile, as women would always harbor fear towards them. “Don’t give such people a platform to speak at your functions,” he urged.

DP Gachagua expressed his admiration for Mugiithi artist Samidoh, describing him as a cherished member of the community whom he pledged to support through his foundation.

“Samidoh is not just an artist; he is our son, our hero, and a source of pride for us. As one of your greatest fans, I am here to express my love and appreciation for your music. I don’t just listen to it; I take the time to dance to the beats you create.”

Gachagua encouraged Samidoh to persist in entertaining people and urged him to safeguard his unique voice.

“Keep composing more songs and continue caring for your voice. It’s your gift, and your mastery of the guitar is exceptional.

Throughout history, songs and dance have been our primary means of communication. Every significant occasion or joyful moment has been marked with songs and dance. Even during counseling sessions, we convey our messages through songs. Love, a dominant theme in 95% of our songs, is a timeless and essential topic.”

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Explaining his role in correcting Samidoh earlier on, DP Gachagua mentioned his position as an officer in the national police service saying he .

“As an officer in the national police service, I noticed Samidoh was heading in the wrong direction at one point. I informed him that I would use police orders to steer him back on track. These artists are like my children, and it’s our responsibility to guide them into becoming responsible members of society. They carry our hopes as leaders.”

In his speech, Samidoh credited Benga artiste Kamande wa Kioi as his “dad in music,” highlighting the profound impact his mentorship has had on Samidoh’s musical journey.

Reflecting on the genesis of the foundation, Samidoh revealed that the idea was born three years ago when he realized the power of music as a beacon of hope and a means to give back to society.

“It is a celebration and a testament that kindness has power,” he said.

The second-born in a family of six, Samidoh reminisced about the support he received from neighbors during his early years, shaping the foundation’s mission to give back to those who may have lost their way.

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He talked about losing his parents at a younger age being the reason he wants to give back to the society.

“We are not just giving hope; we are also lighting the path for those in need,” he emphasized.

The event drew the presence of other prominent politicians such as Kiambu Senator Karungo Wa Thang’wa, Nyandarua Governor Moses Ndirangu Badilisha, Lamu Women Rep Monica Muthoni, Kiambu Governor Kimani Wa Matangi, Senator Karen Nyamu, and more.

Notable figures in the entertainment industry, including Bahati, Joyce Wa Mama, Karangu Muraya, comedian Terence, and a substantial team of influencers, also graced Samidoh’s occasion.